What a gorgeous way to spend a Saturday evening. We are lucky enough to be friends with the owners of this beautiful farm and they were gracious enough to let us all come out and enjoy the sunset from this hill overlooking their fields.

We brought along a quilt to sit on and a cooler of beverages and snacks. For a while everyone just laid back and took some time to enjoy the peace and calm. I mean really, what more could you ask for on a Saturday evening? The company of friends, cold beverages, cows lowing in the distance, golden sunlight.

Magan was pretty excited to fit in a quick mini-session. And who can blame her. She looks beautiful in nearly every photo…. unlike the rest of us for whom a typical photo often looks like we’re sucking lemons or doing complicated math problems in our heard or have some goofy grin on our face. Or maybe that’s just me in photo. Either way, I envy her photogenic powers.sunset_session_at_cane_creek_farm_in_snow_camp_nc_07_photobyluckphotography-com_680w