Company Shops Market has had excellent luck (the pure chance kind) with their events. They must have some credit with the weather gods because nearly all of their events have had great weather. And this one was no exception. As Nate and I arrived at the celebration we were greeted with this gorgeous view of sunlight shimmering through green “I Love My Co-op” balloons and illuminating the smoke coming of the grill, carrying the scent of all-natural, locally raised, grass-fed burgers and pasture-raised heirloom breed sausages.
Company Shops Market Grounbreaking Celebration by Luck Photography 20101114_2986

We, along with the rest of the community, were excited to meet the newly hired General Manger, Chris Bartlett, for the first time. He gave a short speech that you can watch on the Company Shops Market Blog if you are interested.

Chris Bartlett - Company Shops Market Grounbreaking Celebration - by Luck Photography - 20101114

You can find many more image from the event in our client galleries, here:

Oh, and the board president, Sharon Dent, took a few seconds to give a lovely little shout out to Luck Photography’s Sarah Cook. (I’m also known as the Company Shops Web & Marketing Woman.)