My birthday happened to fall on one of those fluke days in late winter when the weather was an unbelievable 70+ degrees out.


I took advantage of my birthday status, and the unexpectedly warm weather, to request a family photoshoot so that I could have some recent photos of all of us. My dad and stepmom have a busy family of five and they run their own retail business. While we take a lot of snapshots together, we don’t often have the opportunity to intentionally take the time for “real” family photos.


We all ended up wearing shades of blue and brown, which is pretty funny since there was no communication between us on what to wear. We all hopped in the car and headed to the beautiful campus of UNC Chapel Hill. Despite being an alumni, I was surprised to find out that this was my dad’s first time in the lovely Coker Arboretum.


This is my dad’s wife, who made me a delicious homemade dinner and made-from-scratch birthday cake with a helping hand from my sister. Wow do I feel loved. And full. With a happy tummy. And a probably a few pound heavier. Normally I would share a photo of my culinarily talented little sister and my monkey brothers, but the family requested that we make those available only to close friends and family. So you’ll have to be content with these few (gorgeous!?!) photos of my step-mom, dad, Nate and I .