Nate and I are a little unusual in that we generally opt out of the consumer aspects of many holidays, including Valentines Day. For us, Valentines Day is not about buying expensive gifts, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, cookie-cutter boxed valentine cards, or red roses. While all of these are lovely gestures, they do not feel like authentic expressions of love. (Unless the loved one receiving the gift especially likes red rose versus say… purple tulips, or assorted chocolates over a slice of their very favorite cheesecake).  They say its the thought that counts and that’s exactly right. We all appreciate it when someone expresses their love, gratitude and appreciation with a gesture that is truly thoughtful and personalized.

With that in mind, I spent much of the day picking out photos and sending custom valentines to our clients, friend and loved ones. We wanted to let the many people who have blessed our lives know that we appreciate them. And it just occurred to me that you all might enjoy seeing some of them as well.

This is the sweet Vivian of Cozi Farm enjoying a smooch from her grandpa.



Nate cuddling with our puppy dog River, who found his forever home when we adopted him from AARF Winston-Salem (Animal Adoption & Rescue Foundation) this year.



This is Stephen, Nate’s childhood buddy who has been raising cain with him ever since they met, way back when.