Canvas Gallery Wraps : What I chose for my own home

The only thing more fun that unwrapping my client’s images and albums…. is unwrapping my own! I’m excited to say that I recently ordered some photographic artwork for my own home, including this image of my mother and I. It makes me smile every time I see it. I just hope that I will grow up as beautiful as her :)


I went with a gallery wrap canvas for this one. These are photographs printed on canvas that is then stretched over a 1.5″ wooden frame. This makes them lightweight, easy to hang with no additional frame required. Canvas Gallery Wraps can also be propped up on shelves, etc. This one happens to be 16×20, but they can be ordered in all different sizes. Just let me know if you are interested in one of your own.

Just for Fun: This Month’s Supermoon

I happened to be at the beach on a clear night for this month’s “supermoon“.



Family Portraits Are For Grown-Ups Too! {Burlington NC Family Photography}

We had the good fortune to have Nate’s parents in town recently for a family visit. It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a vacation, trying to fit in all your favorite things to do. But it is so important to take some time for family photos. Especially if you live some distance apart. And doubly especially if you have grown up children. Why? This is one of my personal soap box issues, so bear with me if you’ve heard this from me before.

Importance of Family Portraits with Adult Children - Perry Family - Burlington NC - Luck Photography


As a professional photographer, nearly all of my inquires are for photographing weddings or families with small children. I find it fascinating that once we graduate from High School, most of us no longer get regular photographs from a photographer. Sometimes not even taking time for family photos on our iPhones.

Importance of Family Portraits with Adult Children - Perry Family - Burlington NC - Luck Photography


So here is my gentle reminder to you: Every mom deserves a hug from her son, no matter that he is all grown up. And a beautiful photograph to reminder her that she is loved, wherever he may be.

Hugs for Mom - Importance of Family Portraits with Adult Children - Perry Family - Burlington NC - Luck Photography

Sneak Peek: Mitch + Katie ::: Engagement Party @ Braeburn Farm in Snow Camp NC

Casual and fun, Mitch and Katie celebrated their engagement with a farm style party full of sunshine, laughter, friends, family, bourbon, bbq, gorgeous sunset and campfire fun. Guests were treated to a hayride tour of the farm, where they raise a heritage breed of cattle called Red Devons. Charlie “Doc” Sydnor tells the history of the Braeburn Farm, their conservation efforts and why they sought out this special breed for their grass-fed operation. Afterwards… Barbecue, bourbon and yard games, overlooking the 500+acre farm.



EngagementParty_BraeburnFarm_SnowCampNC_LuckPhotography_14-05-036_680chev EngagementParty_BraeburnFarm_SnowCampNC_LuckPhotography_14-05-055_680chev








To Mitch & Katie, We love you guys. Great party. Perfect day. So glad we got to celebrate with you. See you two soon  :) ~ Sarah & Nate

Luck-y Life: I’ve run away to the beach!!


I’ve spent quite a bit of time staring out to sea. Just soaking it all up. The feeling of space and openness and distance. It is so easy to get caught up in the cyclical rhythm of daily life. It might be a beautiful, fulfilling, passionate life. But we can all benefit from a break now and again. To pull back and look at our life and our heart’s wishes from outside the circle of daily routine. Sometimes we just need permission to rest from our to-do list, both physically and mentally.

A few lovely things I’ve seen this week….


The ocean after sunset:



Dusk on a cloudy day:



Sunset before the storm:



This is the first of what I hope to be many trips down to the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area this summer and fall. If you will be vacationing in the area and want to plan a beach portrait session, contact me and we can compare schedules ;)

Monday’s in Bloom: Translucent Daffodil

A little something pretty to start your week off :)
I love how these white daffodils have gone slightly curly and translucent. I often keep flowers long after their “prime”, watching how they change. In this, I suppose I have an appreciation for the Wabi Sabi-like ideas that nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Those are very freeing ideas for an artist and for life. ~ Sarah

Luck-y Life: Cultivating Joie de Vivre

I was reading a blog post today on inspiring joie de vivre in your home that got me thinking about this little vase on the windowsill in my kitchen. Because it’s beautiful, yes… I love the blue and green with an airy cloud of white. That alone would make me smile every time I look at it. But even more than that, it has memories tied to it. Purchased on a recent trip to Asheville, this little vase always reminds of the joy of friends, fun, adventure. And the baby’s breath, they are from a bouquet of roses that my dad brought me on my birthday.

So much of the beauty in life is about the small things that layer up to create a series of joyful moments. While this may just be a pretty picture to you, it’s a symbol to me of the many small things I have to be grateful for and a reminder to open myself up to “the keen enjoyment of life”.

Babys Breath in a Tiny Handmade Blue-Green Vase - photo by Luck Photography