Monday’s in Bloom: Translucent Daffodil

A little something pretty to start your week off :)
I love how these white daffodils have gone slightly curly and translucent. I often keep flowers long after their “prime”, watching how they change. In this, I suppose I have an appreciation for the Wabi Sabi-like ideas that nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Those are very freeing ideas for an artist and for life. ~ Sarah

Luck-y Life: Cultivating Joie de Vivre

I was reading a blog post today on inspiring joie de vivre in your home that got me thinking about this little vase on the windowsill in my kitchen. Because it’s beautiful, yes… I love the blue and green with an airy cloud of white. That alone would make me smile every time I look at it. But even more than that, it has memories tied to it. Purchased on a recent trip to Asheville, this little vase always reminds of the joy of friends, fun, adventure. And the baby’s breath, they are from a bouquet of roses that my dad brought me on my birthday.

So much of the beauty in life is about the small things that layer up to create a series of joyful moments. While this may just be a pretty picture to you, it’s a symbol to me of the many small things I have to be grateful for and a reminder to open myself up to “the keen enjoyment of life”.

Babys Breath in a Tiny Handmade Blue-Green Vase - photo by Luck Photography

He(Art) Walk for Benevolence Farm — {Graham NC Charity Benefit Event Photography}

“I felt like I should be holding it together better. But I couldn’t. I just cried the whole way through.” Event Host, Shirley

We are greeted by masked figures straight out of the pages of a fairytale. Thus begins our journey. This band of animal musicians leads us in a gentle dance across the fields, past the poet reciting her words of wisdom by the pond and into the woods.






Three women are standing there in the changing light.


They begin to sing their lament, weaving together their stories of how they came to find themselves on the wrong side of the law, what it was like to loose everything, how they have grown and changed and overcome and fallen down again, their struggles to find someone who would believe in them again. To give them a chance.


As the women grow silent again, the strains of a violin can be heard in the hands of a small boy slowly walking into the shadows.

He leads us to a clearing with a shocking sight. Women in white dresses who are stuck. Literally buried in the ground; to their ankles, to their shins, to their waist.


One gets free and begins to walk toward the light. She stops to help the next woman pull her leg free. Together, they see the woman ahead of them, buried to her waist… The one who has given up. They rush to comfort her while frantically trying to dig her out. They convince her to join them… to try digging herself out again.


Finally freed, they pull her out of the hole and support her, step by step, until she can walk on her own two feet.


As this story is played out over and over again across the field, step by step they move forwards and together.



Sad, scared, hopeful, discouraged, angry, apprehensive, resolute, determined. Together they walk out of the woods, over the bridge separating them from the wide open fields ahead.


As we stream through the gate, a great white bird glides over the crest of a hill to greet us. A harbinger of hope and opportunity ahead.


We had the lovely opportunity to donate our services for this event benefitting Benevolence Farm.

“Benevolence Farm will provide a transitional living program for up to 12 women leaving North Carolina prisons. We recognize that change must come from within, but can be cultivated and inspired through a supportive, natural environment. Our goal is to give our participants the time and space — figuratively and literally — to make real, lasting changes.”






Many of you may not know this, but my mother and step-father founded a very similar organization about 5 years ago. They serve a different population (men overcoming addiction) but have the same goals. To create a safe place for the healing and rebuilding of lives. To provide the structure, support, compassion and tough love needed to find a new way of being. Sharing their belief that change is possible and that your past choices do not have to forever define your future. ~ Sarah




A few of the people who brought this magical day to life:

Event Designer: MARIELLE HARE
Venue: The Sculpture farm of SHIRLEY & WAYNE, Graham NC
Puppeteers: Paperhand Puppet Intervention – DONOVAN ZIMMERMAN & Crew
Poetry Recitation: JAKI SHELTON GREEN
Live music: Bucket Brothers
Catering: CAMERON RATLIFF  & PATTI GALLIVAN of Saxapahaw General Store Catering with food donations from Cozi Farm & Braeburn Farm
Photography: SARAH COOK & NATE PERRY of Luck Photography


Happy Late Birthday to Me! ::: Chevron Camera Bag from Ketti

I’ve been wanting a grab and go camera bag for everyday life. Not the “we’ve got everything in here” kind of bag that I use for professional work. Something smaller. Something cute. Something easy and fun. So I saved up some gift money and sprung for a little something for my birthday. This darling thing just arrived in the mail and I’m smitten. This particular pattern is now retired, but you can find it in other adorable styles at:






Pretty Photo Post: Daffodils on the Windowsill {Burlington NC Photography}

To the luck of neighbors who become friends. To the standard-bearers of spring. To the people who bring light into your life. To the happy yellow jumbles that are daffodils. ~~~ Thank you Aislinn for the flowers in the windowsill.
Daffodils on the Window Sill    {Burlington NC Photography}

Daffodils on the Window Sill    {Burlington NC Photography}

Silly Photo Post: Sneaky Puppy

Sneaky Puppy – Just a little silliness from a recent engagement session.