Corporate Fun – The cure for dreaded headshots {Burlington NC Corporate Headshot Photographer}

I want to take a few minutes today and talk about the importance of fun. Even for a corporate shoot like this one. Maybe even especially for a professional image portrait session. I hear over and over again from the people who come in, how much they hate having their photo taken. And as they shake my hand on the way out (and sometimes even hug me goodbye) many of them admit that our photography session was ‘not so bad’. Some even admit it ‘was really kind of fun!’.

My philosophy is that it is equally, if not MORE, important that we have a good time together. If we can do that, we are going to get back some great photos that feel authentically you. Lets forget perfect and shoot for perfectly you.

Here are a few outtakes from a recent corporate headshot session for the HearTell team. Outtakes that may actually be featured prominently on the pages of HearTell Branding Collective’s website.





Lets forget perfect and boring ::: Give me playful and real — {Ellijay GA Portrait Photography}

His playfulness is surprising. My grandfather…. He can be stern and gruff and seemingly all business. And one second later…. He is singing a you a silly show tune. He’s making a very dry and very funny comment. He’s sneaking up behind you with a bone breaking but effective shoulder rub. All of us. My grandfather. My mother. Myself. We are an intense bunch, but we like to have fun.

These are my favorite photos to take. Real people having real fun. Lets forget perfect and boring. Give me playful and real.