Last Friday night we hopped in the car and headed down Hwy 54 to Harry’s Market in Whitecross. I’ve always meant to stop and check out this cute store but I always seem to be pressed for time. If I’m on 54 it usually means I’m headed into Chapel Hill for a dentist appointment or to have dinner with family of friends and if I stop, I’ll be late. So when we heard that our friend Lizzy was going to be playing at Harry’s on Friday, we made sure to put it on our calendar.

Harry’s is a hodgepodge of sorts. They have a meeting room you can rent out. A little section devoted to the local equestrian community. They have a corner of the store that houses “Great Earth Vitamin”. The actual Harry’s store carries an assortment of local produce and crafts. I was thrilled to spot Boylan Grape Soda in the cooler. Yum! Nate went for the Boylan Ginger Ale. Outside there was a portable pizza oven set up making delicious, made-to-order pizzas with super fresh toppings. I tried the veggie pizza with a sweet balsamic reduction sauce but chose the chicken artichoke pizza for myself.







Unfortunately, the band was under an awning and a tent so it was difficult to get photos of them without standing in front of everyone and being “that guy (or girl)” who disrupts everything. Next time maybe we’ll get there earlier so we have front row seats ;)